Brief History of OMEGA

Louis Brandt Clockmaker

In June 1848 the young Louis Brandt set up his “Comptoir d’établissage”. He traveled across Europe establishing his brand’s reputation for high-quality watches. With a well-established reputation for watchmaking, Louis Brandt and his son Louis-Paul established Louis Brandt & Fils/Frère July 14th, 1877. Unfortunately, Louis Brandt passed away two years later.

Louis-Paul continued his father’s legacy. In 1892 they developed the first-minute repeating wristwatch. They created the first full calendar watch with big date in 1893. In 1894, they developed a new Carillion repetition system and the improved winding and hand setting mechanism used to create the Omega calibre. Introduced in 1894 The Omega calibre became a global success. Louis Brandt & Frère officially changed its name to the Omega Watch Co. in 1903.

For more than 170 years Omega has created exquisite timepieces. From the ocean to space it has been recorded throughout history. Every Omega watch is crafted in Switzerland. They are distinguished by their designs and cherished for their quality. They have continued to be an innovative watchmaking company. The Omega Brand has pioneered new 18K gold alloys and ceramic technologies. Also, they have introduced Liquidmetal™ into fine watchmaking. They use blends of ceramic, silicone, and new alloys with precious metals to improve the quality and enhance the aesthetics of their watches.

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